XPSPL - PHP Signal Processing Library

XPSPL is a high performance signal processor for the PHP programming language.


XPSPL Bundled modules.


XPSPL is hosted on Github.


These tests were generated using v4.0.0 on a 2.7GHZ i5 processor.


The above benchmark demonstrates scaling to an upperbound of 500 million emitted signals, the vertical axis represents the amount of time in seconds with the horizontal axis representing the amount of signals emitted.

The benchmark demonstrates almost linear scale of ~3.5us per emit equating to ~284,000 signals per second.


XPSPL has been designed and developed by Nickolas C. Whiting.


Support for XPSPL is offered through two support channels.

Mailing list

A mailing list provided by Google Groups.


An IRC channel by irc.freenode.net #prggmr.

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