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The idle class is used for idling the processor, the base provides no functionality in itself and must be extended.

What it does provide is a base for writing an idle object, with this it gives the default functions of setting the maximum of itself allowed per loop, the priority of the idling function and allow override of the same idle.

The base provides the rules that only one type of the given idle function should exist and a default priority of zero for all.




Idle’s the processor.

This function is purely responsible for providing the processor the ability to idle, typically this will be done through either a call to sleep or a wait with a specific timeout.

This method is provided an instance of the processor which is wishing to idle and should respect the processors current specifications for the amount of time that it needs to idle, if set.

You have been warned that,

Creating a function that does not properly idle, does not respect the processor specs or is poorly designed will result in terrible performance, unexpected results and damage to your system ... use caution.

Parameters:object – The processor that wishes to idle.
Return type:void



Returns the priority of this idle function.

Return type:integer



Return if this function allows itself to be overwritten in the limit is met or exceeded.

Return type:boolean



Returns if the given function can override this in the processor.

Parameters:object – Idle function object
Return type:boolean

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